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Have you ever had a terrible kitchen disaster?  One of my most memorable was when I got my first microwave and I was learning how to use it.  I read the book on how to microwave oatmeal and I proceeded to make breakfast.  The directions in the book were for one serving and I was making four servings so I put all of the ingredients in the bowl, put the bowl in the microwave and I set the timer for Four times the time specified in the recipe (it was four servings right?).  The oatmeal bubbled along nicely and I spooned it out into bowls for the family and oh their faces when they took the first bite of my microwave oatmeal…   I wish I had my camera ready because the oatmeal was terrible.

We couldn’t eat the wallpaper paste that was trying to pass itself off as oatmeal.  My daughter put her oatmeal in the dog’s bowl.  The unsuspecting dog took a big bite of the oatmeal and her face was priceless too.  For the rest of the day our Scottish Terrier was seen in the yard wiping her tongue on the grass trying to dislodge the oatmeal.  I’ve never seen a dog wipe it’s tongue on the grass and I asked her to stop since the neighbors were giving us strange looks but she continued to drink water and wipe her tongue on the grass.

So my first microwave lesson was – don’t increase the time based on the number of servings – increase the time just a little…

Oatmeal – the real thing – not wallpaper paste masquerading as oatmeal


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