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I love the beautiful rich colors of fall.  There’s nothing prettier than an orange stack of pumpkins among the beautiful varied colors of falling leaves.  Last weekend we visited St. Augustine and during our visit we just happened to ride by a church that was selling pumpkins.  The lawn was covered in pumpkins in all the shapes and sizes and colors that you can imagine.

Not those kinds of pumpkins!  Though I do love seeing a bag of these yummy Brach’s Mellowcream Pumpkins.  I usually eat enough to make me not want anymore until the next fall crop!

This is the pumpkins I was talking about…

So what could I make with pumpkin that didn’t involve a pie…hummmm…  I wonder how a pumpkin smoothie would taste?

I thought to myself  ‘let’s give it a whirl and if it’s yukky then I don’t have to ever tell anyone that I tried to make a pumpkin smoothie and it was an epic fail.’

Here’s what went into the trusty old Vitamix:

1 Banana Peeled

2/3 cup Greek Yogurt – unsweetened, unflavored

1 Cup ice

1/2 Cup Soy Milk

1 Tablespoons Protein Powder

1/2 Can Pumpkin

2 Tablespoons Honey (from local bees)

2 Tablespoons Unsulphured Molasses

Dash Nutmeg

Dash Allspice

Dash Cloves

Big Dash Cinnamon

Splash of Vanilla Flavouring

I whirled all the ingredients around in the Vitamix until the ice was well blended.

I have to admit when I poured this mix into my glass it was a pale orange – almost tan color.  But the taste more than makes up for the appearance.  This smoothie is like pumpkin pie in a glass.  WOW!  It is really yummy.  I let the hubby taste it and he declared it to be delicious and then I proceeded to drink it all myself!


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